Please read before scheduling

Our services are limited to personal tax return preparation and tax-exempt organization tax returns (i.e., Forms 1040, 990, and State Returns) and assistance resolving issues with the IRS and Indiana Department of Revenue. In general, our fee is based on forms required to prepare and file your tax return. Examples of forms that we charge for include, but are not limited to, Schedules A, B, C, and D and certain worksheets needed to prepare your return. We do not charge extra for federal Schedules 1,2 and 3. The minimum fee for any return (including state returns if applicable) is $155. E-filing included. Half of our clients paid less than $260 in tax preparation fees for the 2023 tax season. Our fees through April 18th in 2023 by average and percentile were:

Average: $312
25th perecntile: $212
50th percentile: $260
75th percentile: $384

We do not prepare partnership return 1065, Sub-S 1120-S, Corporate 1120, estate returns (1041, 706), foreign earned income (2555), or individual clients that require injured spouse forms. We do not have sufficient expertise in those areas.